Budapest Hotel Art Residency

Supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The project aims at historical research of the hotel and Drahobrat region, rethinking historical narrative through arts. It gives a start for the sustainable practice of art residencies located at the Edelweiss hotel. Our goal is to re-interpret the history of the hotel and the territory, where it is situated: beginning with the commuter station on the way to the ski resorts and finishing the unique place of different cultural backgrounds.

The project includes research about the hotel, engaging historians and scholars; selection of artists and carrying out the residency; presentation of the results: organizing a round-table and online presentation, as well as featuring an exhibition of the art-works in the hotel. 12 artists from all over Ukraine will be invited to join the residency. The residency will be held in an online format. 

Stages of the project: 

  1. Historical research of the hotel in Yasinya village

July-August, 2020

The tasks of the research team include gathering historical information, photo, and video (in archives, over the internet, and directly on the project location); recording interviews from the Yasinya locals. 

The result is a publication of the materials on the web-site, accessible to the potential residents and public (historians, local authorities, and travel businesses of the region).

2. Online-presentation of the historical research results

September 2, 2020

Presentation of the hotel historical research results made by Yevheniya Molyar and Natalka Dyachenko in an online format, available by the link.

3. Open-call for the participants of the residency — September 3-24, 2020 року

Competition among artists, researchers, and curators for participation in the residency. 

Selection of 12 participants from all over Ukraine.

4. Online-residency

September 28 – October 11, 2020

The residency will include 3 threads: visual (performances, installations, video, photo, design, etc.); audial (connection with the environment through sound, podcasts, audial intervention, anthropology of the sound, etc.); curatorial (work with (non)institutional spaces and preparation of the final exhibition in an experimental form).

The curators of the residency are sculptor Zhanna Kadyrova and DJ Andriy Savinykh. Most of the events will occur in online-format. Optionally participants can also make individual research and present/install their works in the Edelweiss hotel.   

5. Online-presentation of the residency results over the round-table

October 15 

The project organizer is NGO Agency for Free Development in co-operation with Fantazery festival team.

The main media partner of the residency is Cultural Trend magazine.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation